Individual Counseling

Counseling | Tampa Bay Area

Counseling | Tampa Bay - Lorri ParkerLife can be hard, and sometimes you need a safe place to process through struggles.  My goal is to provide you a sense of safety, clarity, understanding, and direction.

Counseling can help you:

  • Learn concrete techniques to help you conquer anxiety and fears
  • Lower your stress level
  • Get more sleep
  • Increase your productivity and energy levels
  • Make decisions confidently
  • Work through grief and loss in a healthy way

We provide individual counseling for many concerns including:

  • When your relationship is in trouble, but your partner won’t attend Couples Counseling
  • Grief Management
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety counseling, including panic attacks & phobias
  • Job-Related Stress
  • New Moms or Dads adjusting to parenthood

Sometimes there are concerns clients have that I do not directly address; I am happy to refer you to psychiatrists and counselors in my network that would fit your specific needs.